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Forest School autumn 2019 - Year 2
Sending our best wishes to everyone.
Sending our best wishes to everyone.

Welcome to Adlington Primary School

Welcome to Adlington Primary School

At Adlington Primary School we aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure and can be encouraged to develop a love of learning in a secure and caring environment. We promote an atmosphere of truth and honesty in which everyone feels valued and shows respect for each other and their surroundings. 

As a team we are committed to high expectations and continuous improvement. We adopt a child-centred approach to high quality teaching and learning, inspiring everyone to achieve their full potential. 

We want all of our children to know that learning is interesting, exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling. Please feel free to contact the school if you would like to look around or discuss the provision that is available at Adlington Primary School. 

Steph Swinson





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Our Year 6 poets have been busy creating thought provoking poems,.  Well done to Paddy, Edward and Rudy for sharing their beautiful poetry.  Here's the first verse of Paddy's poem, dedicated to our amazing NHS (you can read the other verses on the Year 6 class page, along with Edward and Rudy's poems).

Our heroes are the doctors and nurses

They battle daily fighting corona curses

They go to work each day with a smile

Knowing they have to go that extra mile


Doors The World of Possibility

A poem by Matthew, Year 6 (May 2020)

I opened the magical door and saw…

A crystal blue lake:

The light shining and shimmering,

Glistening and glimmering

The fish frolicking, dashing and dancing through the waves


I opened the magical door and saw…

A chaotic family of four

Always fighting

Always bickering

Always arguing

But loving each other none the less


I opened the magical door and saw…

A bright blue pool,

As clear as a jewel

Children crashing and splashing,

Racing through the waters


I opened the magical door and saw…

A beautiful city stretching farther than the eye could see,

Its towers and arches standing tall

The streets filled with colour, laughter and movement

A city without conflict

I opened the magical door and saw…

An incredible paradise,

Beaches filled with soft, white sand,

Palm trees hanging heavy

The sea life flashing through the coral reefs


I opened the magical door and saw…

Me and my family rushing over fluffy white plains,

The majestic mountains like needles piercing the sky

The snow twirling and swirling underneath our feet


I opened the magical door and saw…

An amazing future,

A world without conflict

A world without disease,

A world at peace


CORONAVIRUS UPDATE from The Fallibroome Trust.  Please click the link: http://www.fallibroometrust.com/coronavirus/


In Year Admissions    

We have a small number of places available within the school. If you are seeking an in-year place please contact the school office  on 01625 573201. For the over subscription criteria, please refer to our admissions policy.          


Bully-Free Cheshire East

Is it bullying or just a fall-out? Read more about bullying.


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