Year 3/4 2020 - 2021

Mrs Martindale

Mrs Martindale joined Adlington in September 2012. Before completing her teacher training Mrs Martindale worked as a chartered physiotherapist.



Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4 Remote Learning 2021


In line with the new DfE guidance for remote learning we have scheduled a timetable for the class which, as closely as possible, mirrors the full school day.

The live teacher contacts on TEAMS across all classes in the school are at staggered times to try and ensure all children (who have siblings in other classes and may be sharing the same device) can access them through every day.

All the contact sessions on TEAMS will be recorded at the time of broadcast and will then be available for the remainder of each school day.




The timetable in our class today is as follows:

9.00 - 9.15:  TT Rockstars

A new battle will begin on Monday and continue until Thursday. Everyone can contribute to their house team points.

9.20: Maths Activity

Year 3 please watch your White Rose Maths video and complete the worksheet provided. Use the answer sheet to check your work.

Year 3 video -

Year 4 please watch your White Rose Maths video and complete the worksheet provided. Use the answer sheet to check your work. 

Year 4 video -


Remember to use the Daily Learning Discussion to ask any questions and I will respond as soon as I can or during our next live session.

Have a break to refuel and re-energise.


10.50 - 11.05 Guided Reading or Mirodo Spelling and Grammar Activity

This week everyone has two Guided Reading challenges to complete, two SPaG tasks on Mirodo to complete and a reading for pleasure session just as we would in class. You can complete the five tasks in the order you would in school (see the timetable in the Files to Download) or in any order to suit you. Each task should last approximately 15 minutes. Please complete one a day. 

For the guided reading challenges, look at the sheet for your group and complete the work in your Guided Reading Book as you normally would. For reading for pleasure, read your school book or a home book quietly to yourself.


Writing Activity

Today we are expanding our story map from yesterday to create story pegs, just as we did in class for, I’ll Take You to Mrs. Cole.

This is the planning stage in preparation for writing your own shortened version of Fantastic Mr. Fox. Each peg will become a paragraph in your story. I would aim for about seven or eight pegs to include all the important information but keep the writing manageable.

Your first peg will be the opening to include who is in the story (main characters), where they are (setting), what they are doing and why.

You can then have as many story pegs as you wish as long as you map out the main events of the story.

Your final peg will be the ending which will summarise what has happened and tell us what might happen next.

You are only writing notes, not full sentences, to expand the story map. Jot down details and vocabulary that you wish to use such as, adjectives, adverbs, opportunities for speech. You can use any layout that suits you e.g. an expanded story map, boxes or separate sheets of paper. Refer back to the story whenever you need to. For some of you, this will only be a short extension to your work yesterday. Use all the tools you have to be a Year 3 or Year 4 writer.

You do not need to upload your work today.


Just for fun, have a go at this:

I would love to see the results.

Remember to use the Daily Learning Discussion to ask any questions and I will respond as soon as I can or during our next live session.

You should now be hungry and ready for a lunch break. Enjoy!



Afternoon curriculum activity.

Music from Mrs. Tennant.


In addition to the live sessions with me on TEAMS I will also be regularly monitoring the Daily Learning Discussion on the class page of the school website should you have any questions during any of the activities. The Daily Learning Discussion will be open from 8.55am to 3.30pm each day.

Have a good day.

Mrs. Martindale.




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