Year 5/6 2020 - 2021

Mr Wood

Mr Wood joined the team at Adlington in September 2013. Prior to moving into Primary teaching he worked as a Theatre Designer and college lecturer.

Class 5/6  


In line with the new DfE guidance for remote learning we have scheduled a timetable for the class which, as closely as possible, mirrors the full school day.

The live teacher contacts on TEAMS across all classes in the school are at staggered times to try and ensure all children (who have siblings in other classes and may be sharing the same device) can access them through every day.

All the contact sessions on TEAMS will be recorded at the time of broadcast and will then be available for the remainder of each school day.


9.00am – 9.40 am

* TT Rockstars (10 minute mental maths warm-up) – There is a House Battle in progress.

* Guided Reading Activity – In Files to Download you will find a document for your Guided Reading Group containing your two tasks for this week.  These tasks are to be completed in these sessions over the next four days.

Task 1 is comprehension questions – each question shows how many marks are available, so do use this to judge the level of detail each answer requires.  Answers will be available in Files to Download later in the week.

Task 2 is a writing task based on the story. Task 2 needs to be uploaded to scrapbook, along with your comprehension score, by the end of Friday 22nd January.


* Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Activity – There is no new task to complete today on SATs Companion BUT I would like you to watch the video on SATs Companion titled Prefix and Suffix (Login, go to Lessons, select English, select the blue button Spelling on the right of the screen, then play the video: Prefix and Suffix). This will help with the task which will be set tomorrow.

Do remember to practise your spellings for this week (Words with the letter string ‘ough’) and complete the sheet on ‘Words beginning with con-‘. Both these sheets (from yesterday) are still available in Files to Download.


9.40 – 9.55: Year 5 and 6 Morning welcome and introduction to daily maths on TEAMS

* Maths Activity – This week’s work on Fractions continues! The work this week will again include aspects of recap, just like we would normally do in Maths lessons in class, as well as new challenges. Each year again has a video lesson from White Rose Maths and an accompanying worksheet in Files to Download. The links for the video lessons are:

Year 5 - Compare and Order Fractions less than 1 (1)

Year 6 - Multiply fractions by fractions

You may be directed to complete some of the worksheet during the video lesson, so do have it available if you can.  If any questions ask you to “discuss with a partner”, either use an available adult or note down your ideas about the question instead. You can write all answers on the sheet if you print it off or complete the questions in your Blue Maths Homework Book.  When finished, the answers are also in Files to Download.

On SATs Companion there is also a Maths Task set for today titled: Week 3. Tuesday. Do use any lesson videos OR BBC Bitesize videos to recap any knowledge. If you have time, complete any overdue tasks and then head to Practice and see what needs your attention.


10:45 – 11.05: Year 5 and 6 Introduction to daily writing on TEAMS

* Writing Activity – We will continue using Tuesday by David Wiesner so a copy of the book remains in Files to Download (both as a pdf and as a PowerPoint).

This week we will be writing in a journalist style – like a reporter for a newspaper or new website.

You will be writing a news report about the strange events of Tuesday – that could be printed in a newspaper or available on a news website.

The overall aim for this report is for it to be INFORMATIVE and ENTERTAINING.

Still in Files to Download are the instructions for the whole week titled News Report Writing Task Overall Instructions, which you will need to refer back to each day to be able to complete the task successfully. It is essential that you keep to the schedule set out in these instructions so work does not mount up for the end of the week.

Still in Files to Download there are also two word-bank resources which are mentioned in the instructions.

In Files to Download there is also a new sheet titled Tuesday 26th Writing Tasks, which explains in more detail the writing activities which need to be completed today. These will also have been explained in the Teams meeting


1.15 pm – 1.55 pm

This is the time you can use to complete any of the morning’s work that you may not have completed. It would be particularly useful to use this time to check through any work you have been asked to upload onto Scrapbook before you do so. You can check that the work follows the instructions and that it meets your high standards of presentation, spelling and punctuation.


1.55 – 2.10: Year 5 and 6 Introduction to the afternoon’s task on TEAMS.

* Afternoon curriculum activity – Topic: Extreme Earth (Geography).

Continuing our geography work on extreme landscapes, today’s lesson looks at perhaps the most dramatic and extreme feature of the Earth’s landscape that is present both on land and beneath the sea.

We will use a lesson from The Oak National Academy

As the video says, you will need paper and pencil for taking notes for activities during the video lesson.

In Files to Download there are 4 sheets to complete to record some of the key information and examples and for you to complete the diagram drawing tasks and comparison table task.

These sheets need to be kept safe as they will be added to your Topic Books when we all get back into school. Children in school will be completing the same work.


As yesterday afternoon’s Science lesson was longer, here is the link again in case you still need to complete any of the missing word sections or complete any of the diagrams.


If you have time, why not catch up with the A Perfect Planet episode on ‘Oceans’ as well -


In addition to the live sessions with me on TEAMS I will also be regularly monitoring the Daily Learning Discussion on the class page of the school website should you have any questions during any of the activities. I will also use the discussion for messages and additional input and ideas during activities – so do keep an eye on it when you can. The Daily Learning Discussion will be open from 8.55am to 3.30pm each day.

Mr. Wood.



SATs Companion has an extensive library of Lessons to help you recap on any area of Maths and English. It also has Practice activities on all the required curriculum areas of both Maths and English.

Search BBC Bitesize for recap Maths videos to help you.  is the KS2 Maths homepage where all the different Maths subjects are listed. Select the learner guide or class clip for the area you need some help with. There are also Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling resources at is the KS2  , where all the different SPaG subjects are listed.

There are always books to read on Bug Club, and do check 'My Stuff' for any other activities on Abacus or Grammar and Spelling Bug. TT Rockstars provides the opportunity for regular times tables practise and a wide range of other Maths activities can be found on other websites such as Topmarks Education.

Thank you.

Mr. Wood.



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